Smt. Swarn Lata Sethi D.A.V. Public School, Mausam Vihar Delhi (Sr. Sec.) under the aegis of D.A.V. College Managing Committee, Chitra Gupta Road, New Delhistarted enrolling the students in December 1990 and started its nursery section in April 1991. The school progressed gradually adding a few classes every year. It got recognized by Directorate of Education and eventually got upgraded and also affiliated to CBSE. The school runs at present Science Stream -Medical and Non-Medical with Biotechnology, Fashion Studies, Economics, Psychology as options. We also have Commerce stream with Psychology, Mass Media Studies, Fashion Studies, Informatics Practices etc. We also run Professional Stream with Legal Studies, Mass Media Studies, Fashion Studies with combos. We also have vocational subjects like Financial Market Management, I.T. Vocational etc. Salient Features of our School:

  1. Excellent CBSE results with a number of students attaining 1 Merit Certificates every year and also qualifying for “Scholarship for Higher Education” sponsored by Deptt. Of Sci. & Tech., Govt. of India.
  2. The school has an exclusive Counselling Department along with Special Education wing to cater to the special needs of our students in academics, life-skills, career guidance, adolescent issues and emotional, psychological and social protocols of life. This deptt. conducts the programmes for students under the aegis of DISHA and for staff and parents under the aegis of PRADYOTNAM.
  3. We are strongly in the favour of the concept of Inclusive Education and therefore, we have two full time Counselors and two Special Educators to take care of slow learners, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, Hyper-activity cases, Physically challenged and multiple disability cases. We have all the requisite Standardized Diagnostic Tests and Kits to support these cases. Also we have special software designed for these kids to help them proceed at their own comfortable pace and acquiring necessary skills.
  4. A Peer Facilitator Group is working at every class level. The Peer Facilitators also help the Counsellors to conduct sessions on Life Skills and other issues with the student groups.
  5. The school has all indoor sports facilities like Table-Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Billiards etc. available at school campus and outdoor sports facilities at Sports Complex outside.
  6. The school trains its students in Martial Arts, Yoga and Aerobics.
  7. To enable and strengthen effective communication between the school and the parent fraternity, the school has developed a means of on-line communication through Internet and SMS service.
  8. The school has proudly attained the distinction of becoming ISO Certified in the year 2006 and is still maintaining high standards of ISO 9001:2008.
  9. Project presentations by 100% students of a class on stage. This facilitates the students to overcome their stage fright, improve their public speaking andcommunication skills, learn the skills of team-building and team-work and comprehend and understand the concept being talked about along with the related values in a playful manner.
  10. Physical Education in Curriculum (PEC) has been taken up in an extensive way in our Primary Classes.
  11. School has a Heritage Club and under the aegis of DAV Global Haat, students exhibit a magnificent display of all the aspects ranging from Geography, Culture, Heritage Sites, History, Lifestyle, Handicrafts, Cuisine, Tourism etc. not only of Indian states and but also of various countries of the world.
  12. The school conducts activities and events for all subjects. “Expressions” series is meant for English language activities, Strotasvini for Hindi, Bhavanjali for Sanskrit, Octave for Mathematics, Anveshan for Science & Technology, Heritage for Social Science, Parishkrit for Computers, Les Dessinateurs for Fashion Studies, Corporate & E-Comm Funda for Commerce related events.
  13. The school has established a Clay Studio wherein the students are trained to work with clay and on Potter”s Wheel. This proves as a great stress buster and is a great stimulant to creativity of students.
  14. The school is well equipped with the latest infrastructure and technology embraced facilities in all laboratories and classrooms with Smart Boards.
  15. “Catch them young”, so do we to inculcate all human values and love for mankind, environment and scientific temper of learning. School conducts Special Sensitizing Sessions for students and parents of each class to bridge all the gaps between school and them.


  • Our alumni are well settled and placed in various big and reputed companies like UTV- Disney, Wipro, Infosys, Gammon, BHEL, Ericsson, Google, etc.
  • Many of them are settled abroad in USA, Singapore, Canada, Turkey and working as Analysts, Research Scholars, Managers and Executives.
  • Some of them are successful Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Medical Professionals, Bankers, Media Professionals and also serving our nation as Air Force and Army Officers. They are making their mark in Advertising, Mass Communication and Animation as well.
  • Our students have got selected in prestigious institutes like IIT, UCMS, MAMC, LHC, NIFT, DTU, DU etc.
  • Our students have been the proud winners in many events at the state, national levels like Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan, Inspire Award, KVPY and many other competitive exams.
  • Principal Vandana Kapoor is the proud recipient of coveted National Award to Teachers 2010 and Silver Star Award 2007-2008 by the President of India, State Teachers” Award 2004 and many more including felicitations and awards at International level from Scouting Organizations.
  • Our teachers also have been felicitated by State Teachers” Award by DOE and other organizations.

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