Class VI – Students’ Weather Analysis Activity



Class VI

The activity was scheduled from 21 January 2015 to 31 January 2015  for the students of class vi.   A comparative study of weather report for countries like  USA , BRAZIL , EGYPT and DELHI was taken  for the weather analysis.  Students were exposed to new terms related to Metrological Department .

They realised the importance of working and sharing in a team.

Students depicted the changes that occurred in weather during the period of 10 days by comparing and analyzing the temperature in countries and thereby converting their leisure time into pleasure time.  Over all it was an enjoyable and informative activity for the students.20150122_105059 20150127_130435 20150127_130449 20150127_130504 20150127_130518 20150202_093252 20150202_093305 20150209_085123 20150209_085138 20150209_085253 20150209_085257 20150209_085552

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