This activity helped in improving student’s understanding about the new country Iraq, its culture, heritage, life style, agriculture, economy, industry, civil wars, political and judiciary system, art and literature.


    • Model Making: Students made models based on historical places, geographical features, industry, art and craft. Students knew about the significance of historical places, how the geographical and physical feature play the vital role in the economy and industrial growth of Iraq.
    • Fashion Show: The purpose behind this activity was to know about the dressing style of the people of Iraq. Students came to know kind of jewellery, hand embroidery they prefer and what kind of attire is worn by the bride on her wedding.
    • Language: Students came to know about the official language of Iraq that is Arabic, the students performed various activities in Arabic language like- Students sung national anthem and empowered themselves with its significance. They performed a folk tale in Arabic language and learn how to greet each other in the Arabic language. The students elicited their interest and enthusiasm performing this activity and equipped themselves with culture of Iraq.
    • Cuisine: Students prepared the various dishes with the staple food of Iraq. Students made dishes with wheat, barley, rice and dates. The proper dining was setup to learn the dining style of Iraqis. Students came to know the famous traditional dishes with their historical background.
    • PowerPoint Presentation : Students prepared Powerpoint Presentation on Condition of women in Iraq Society, Iran-Iraq War and how it affected the country and its impact, India-Iraq Comparison on the basis of population, industry, agriculture, art and crafts etc.,
    • Geographical features of Iraq:This activity helped the students to learn about living condition of people of Iraq in relation with  India. 
    • Quiz: A quiz (MCQ) was conducted to check their knowledge, understanding, and learning capabilities. The main purpose was to check awareness about the country of Iraq.
    • Dance and Music: A group of students performed traditional dance Chobi and Dabke to learn the co-ordination, culture and tradition of Iraq. They also learnt how the culture of ones country play a vital role in unite the country. Students learnt about the traditional musical instrument of Iraq.
    • Scrap Book (Project): This activity provides opportunity to explore, work with one’s hand, observe and work together as a team. A group of students prepared scrap book on judicial and political system of Iraq. It helped them to develop a positive attitude towards group work, sharing and learning from each other.
    • Poster, Collages: This activity helped students to learn about various facts about the Iraq. They learnt these facts in fun filled way and they actually learnt by doing the things like –National Emblem of Iraq, national bird, national flower, map of and its neighboring countries, tourist attractions of Iraq, clothing style, cuisine, art and craft, dance and music.

“One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty, until you try.” – Sophocles

“I hear, and I forget.  I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.”

– Chinese Proverb


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